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The QRMA uses Fournier analysis of weak magnetic fields of the body compared to a database to predict structure and functional abnormalities in the body. The test takes just one minute and produces a report with mild, moderate or severe deviations from the normal standards to guide the person in addressing health and wellness issues.

Dr Bill Deagle MD from NutriMedical.com can provide a pathway and NutriMeds recommendation list based on Wellness History and QRMA report. A phone consult or clarifying email, may be needed to synthesize a logical pattern of NutriMEDs to address issues and improve wellness conditions.

The test is quick, safe, and reproducible, and will with proper interpretation help dramatic assist in proper decision making for further testing and imaging, labs and nutraceuticals NutriMEDs to correct physiological imbalances and their efficacy to heal or place conditions in remission.


Fourier Analysis of Body Magnetic Field Meridians with database comparison to determine physiological imbalances and structural abnormalities.

Cautions/Warnings: This device is not intended to diagnose any condition, but to identify physiological imbalances that lead to structural and physiological imbalances that promote the development of illness or demonstrate improvement in health.  It is one tool, along with advanced imageing, labs, history, and interventions that will demonstrate pathology and help demonstrate how effective care is at improving the status of wellness and medical conditions.


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